Master choice travel Italy 2017

In the last week of February a group of 36 bachelor students accompanied by Prof. Giovanni Bertotti from Applied Earth Sciences visited Naples and Rome. Their program involved practical studies and company visits during which focus on geo-engineering and seismology.

Pavilions for Okana

Last summer Laura Straehle & Ellen Rouwendal built the community center in Kenia, which they have designed for their graduation project at the TU Delft. The community center existing of three pavilions built out of sustainable materials. Towards the end of last year this pilot community center was festively presented to the community of Okana.

Registration for Marina van Damme grant

Once a year Delft University Fund awards the Marina van Damme grant to a TU Delft alumna. The grant gives talented female alumni the chance to reach a next step in their career. You can register up to and including April 17.

Kick off Next Generation Robotics honours class

Kick off Next Generation Robotics honours class Honours class next generation robotics, is a program for excellent and motivated first year bachelor students with a broad interest in the development of robotics and the ambition to become leading in robotics research and development. This interdisciplinary program is an initiative from TU Delft Robotics Institute.

Apply now for the SVM Packaging and Environment Scholarship

Do you have innovative, unexpected, transcending insights about the subject packaging and the environment? Would you like to develop your ideas about the optimum balance between consumer convenience and the environmental impact of packings? Apply now for the SVM Packaging and the Environment Scholarship and win a scholarship of €4000 for your master thesis project!