Photo’s Goede Vrienden Diner 2016 online!

Thursday November 3rd, the Goede Vrienden Diner 2016 took place in the brand new Applied Sciences building of TU Delft. During this event Delft University Fund thanks her special relations for their support to TU Delft. During the dinner, all guests could enjoy an interesting program and many culinary specialties. Click to see photo’s!

Best Graduate Eduardo Olimpio wins Unilever Research Prize 2016!

Eduardo Olimpio from the faculty of Applied Sciences won an Unilever Research Prize 2016! Every year Unilever invites Dutch universities to nominate a graduate for the price. Eduardo won the award with his work on cellular systems. Earlier in November, Eduardo was declared a Best Graduate 2015-2016 of his faculty.

Innovation Lab: Round Table Event

As part of Innovation Lab: the Happy City, the Round Table Event was hosted in Rotterdam on November 30. During the Innovation Lab students and researchers collaborate to develop a concept to facilitate happiness in the cities of the future. At the Round Table Event stakeholders were invited to discuss the future of this field.

Olaf van Campenhout is Best of TU Delft 2016!

Thursday November 17, Olaf van Campenhout of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering was declared Best Graduate 2015 – 2016! During the ceremony he was praised for his exceptional in dept scientific research.  All eight faculties of the TU Delft had nominated a graduate for the Best Graduates awards 2015 – 2016. The ceremony was a Lees Verder …

Team iGem 2016 went for the win!

In this month of winners, TU Delft students won several awards in the iGem competition in Boston! iGem is the world’s biggest competition to attack societal challenges using synthetic biology. With their project ‘Opticoli’, bacteria that develop biological lenses, they won awards in the categories “Best New Application”, “Best Model” and “Most innovative DNA fragment”.