Good Friends inspiration lunch at the AMS

May 10th, a special lunch for the Good Friends from the University Fund of Delft, took place at the Amsterdam Institute of Metropolitan Solutions. During this special event, the University Fund Delft introduced his Good Friends to this new knowledge institute.

Clean Cooking

Most people who are living in African city’s are cooking with charcoal, this  causes serious health problems and child death because cooking is primarily take place in the house. Stephanie van Sprang, student of the TU Delft, want to solve this problem by integrating it in her graduation project Clean Cooking. Currently she is working together Lees Verder …

Visualizing morality in a movie clip

For a new Honour course students from different faculties made an artistic movie clip, in due to create a discussion about moral issues in their fields of work. Like a racist coffee machine? Sophie’s choice for a self-driving car?  Artificial intelligence to prevent loneliness? Are you coming to see this movie clips at the fifth Lees Verder …

Master choice travel Italy 2017

In the last week of February a group of 36 bachelor students accompanied by Prof. Giovanni Bertotti from Applied Earth Sciences visited Naples and Rome. Their program involved practical studies and company visits during which focus on geo-engineering and seismology.

Pavilions for Okana

Last summer Laura Straehle & Ellen Rouwendal built the community center in Kenia, which they have designed for their graduation project at the TU Delft. The community center existing of three pavilions built out of sustainable materials. Towards the end of last year this pilot community center was festively presented to the community of Okana.