Registration for Marina van Damme grant

Once a year Delft University Fund awards the Marina van Damme grant to a TU Delft alumna. The grant gives talented female alumni the chance to reach a next step in their career. You can register up to and including April 17.

The Marina van Damme grant includes a scholarship of € 9.000 to broaden, deepening or expanding the knowledge of the student during an internship, study or project.


All female TU Delft alumni whose parents do not have an academic degree may apply for the Marina van Damme grant. You can register up to and including April 17. Read all the application conditions

The application process consists of submitting a plan of action, which explains the candidate’s developments since her graduation, her resume, her dream(s) and motivation(s), and which steps she plans to make in order to pursue her ambitions.

After a preselection, the nominated candidates are invited to present their plan at the Marina van Damme grant ceremony at 8 June 2017. During the ceremony, a winner is chosen by the jury.

Jury 2017


  • Prof. dr M.S. van Geenhuizen         TU Delft professor, jury chairwoman
  • ir Titia Haaxma                                  TU Delft alumna
  • ir Joyce Kuiken                                   TU Delft alumna, winner of the Marina van Damme grant 2010, chair of the Marina van Damme network
  • ir Birgit de Bruin                                TU Delft alumna, project manager Delft University Fund
  • Ir J.A. Dekker                                      TU Delft alumnus, board of Delft University Fund

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