Visualizing morality in a movie clip

For a new Honour course students from different faculties made an artistic movie clip, in due to create a discussion about moral issues in their fields of work. Like a racist coffee machine? Sophie’s choice for a self-driving car?  Artificial intelligence to prevent loneliness? Are you coming to see this movie clips at the fifth of April 20:00 at the PrinsenKwartier. More information.

This course included lots of brainstorm sessions and experiments. The discussions were not limited by the given subjects such as; sustainability, energy and health. Thereafter the students experimented in ways to tell their stories in the short movie to get the essential goal.

Scene from one of the movie clips

The results

The main point of the movie clip is the reaction of the public, how they think about the issue and how a discussion will arise. The main aim of this assignment is to use an artistic approach, to realize how the clip resonates with notions in ethical theory and to observe how an artistic approach affects our understanding of moral issues in the arena of public dialogue. These clips will be presented with explanation of the student on the fifth of April. See for more information

the development of this new course is made possible by the Honours Kick Start Fund: the Delft University Fund in corporation with alumni, the company Vopak and the Buccaneer Delft.