Clean Cooking

Most people who are living in African city’s are cooking with charcoal, this  causes serious health problems and child death because cooking is primarily take place in the house. Stephanie van Sprang, student of the TU Delft, want to solve this problem by integrating it in her graduation project Clean Cooking. Currently she is working together with Prakti, a company in India to develop a stove that needs less charcoal.

To explore the local cook traditions of Uganda, Stephanie was looking into literature about cooking traditions in Uganda. Furthermore, she visited Ghana to take interviews and look into the local cooking traditions to experience the need of the community. By knowing the need it is possible to design a fitting product.

Testing the stove

Last week Stephanie flew to India to continue the design process at Prakti, her graduation company. Recently Prakti has developed a way to use less charcoal and lower the CO production during the combustion. Stephanie is optimizing this new technique to use in a stove what Prakti has never done before. She is testing the stove on the requirements she experienced in Ghana and the literature from Uganda.

Next steps
Next two weeks she is working on decreasing the CO and CO2 production. After this project she hopes her stoves will be used in Ghana as well as Uganda!

This project is made possible by the Delft University Fund.