Two winners Marina van Damme Grant 2017

Thursday, June 8th, the award ceremony of the Marina van Damme Grant 2017 took place with a very special result. Due to the high quality of the nominees, Marina van Damme decided to reward two nominated alumni with the scholarship of 9000 euro. Leah Sosa and Jetty van Ginkel are the two winners of the Lees Verder …

Clean Cooking

Most people who are living in African city’s are cooking with charcoal, this  causes serious health problems and child death because cooking is primarily take place in the house. Stephanie van Sprang, student of the TU Delft, want to solve this problem by integrating it in her graduation project Clean Cooking. Currently she is working together Lees Verder …

Registration for Marina van Damme grant

Once a year Delft University Fund awards the Marina van Damme grant to a TU Delft alumna. The grant gives talented female alumni the chance to reach a next step in their career. You can register up to and including April 17.

Apply now for the SVM Packaging and Environment Scholarship

Do you have innovative, unexpected, transcending insights about the subject packaging and the environment? Would you like to develop your ideas about the optimum balance between consumer convenience and the environmental impact of packings? Apply now for the SVM Packaging and the Environment Scholarship and win a scholarship of €4000 for your master thesis project!