Two winners Marina van Damme Grant 2017

Thursday, June 8th, the award ceremony of the Marina van Damme Grant 2017 took place with a very special result. Due to the high quality of the nominees, Marina van Damme decided to reward two nominated alumni with the scholarship of 9000 euro. Leah Sosa and Jetty van Ginkel are the two winners of the Lees Verder …

Best Graduate Eduardo Olimpio wins Unilever Research Prize 2016!

Eduardo Olimpio from the faculty of Applied Sciences won an Unilever Research Prize 2016! Every year Unilever invites Dutch universities to nominate a graduate for the price. Eduardo won the award with his work on cellular systems. Earlier in November, Eduardo was declared a Best Graduate 2015-2016 of his faculty.

Olaf van Campenhout is Best of TU Delft 2016!

Thursday November 17, Olaf van Campenhout of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering was declared Best Graduate 2015 – 2016! During the ceremony he was praised for his exceptional in dept scientific research.  All eight faculties of the TU Delft had nominated a graduate for the Best Graduates awards 2015 – 2016. The ceremony was a Lees Verder …

Wanted: excellent team performances

Did you and your TU Delft-based team achieve an innovative and unique performance? Then do not hesitate to apply for the IHC Teamwork Award of the Delft University Fund! By participating you can win the grand prize of 7,500 euro.