Development of innovative educational programs are supports to give TU Delft students the chance to shine! The fund focuses exclusively on extra-curricular education and pilot projects.

Currently, the following projects are being supported.

Honours Programme Delft

The Honours Programme Delft is an additional program for above-average students looking for a challenge over and above what their curriculum offers.

Delft University Fund supports the talent development of these top-class students with pilots, as the Honours Kick Start Fund, Personal Leadership and Innovation Lab.  Read more

D:DREAM hall

The D:DREAM hall is the home of our succesvol DreamTeams, e.g. the Nuon Solar Team. Here the teams work on several projects to participate in international competitions.

The fund constitutes to the expansion of the specific educational and productional needs of the DreamTeams in the D:DREAM hall in order for them to excel. Read more

Engineering Education Pilots

The Engineering Education Pilots are initiated by students and elaborated in cooperation with teachers.

We assist in the development of these pilots and are the leading role for increasing student motivation and interest. Pilots include Master Orientation Study Trip, Rotman Design Challenge and YES!Delft Students. Read more

Online Education

TU Delft is leading in ‘world wide online education’. To enable the public to have access to our world class university, the Delft Extension School was founded.

Delft University Fund constitutes to this goal by financing modules and international online education. Read more