The Delft University Fund helps TU Delft to excel. The Fund uses contributions from alumni and other supporters of our university to stimulate inspirational projects, giving talent at the university the chance to shine.

The organizational structure of Delft University Fund comprises the following elements:

The Executive Board
which establishes, develops and supervises the policies to be pursued by the Fund. The President and the board members are almost always TU Delft Alumni who bring with them, without exception, a wealth of managerial knowledge and experience. A member of the Executive Board of the Delft University of Technology is also members of the Executive Board.

The Implementation Committee 
consists of eleven representatives, designated by their respective faculties at TU Delft. This Committee is responsible for determining how the funds made available by the Executive Board are allocated and it makes independent decisions concerning student requests for subsidies.

The Bureau
affiliated to the Delft University Fund consist of a director and a team of employees. In addition, student assistants are deployed. The bureau carries into effect the determined policy.