Olaf van Campenhout is Best of TU Delft 2016!

Thursday November 17, Olaf van Campenhout of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering was declared Best Graduate 2015 – 2016! During the ceremony he was praised for his exceptional in dept scientific research.  All eight faculties of the TU Delft had nominated a graduate for the Best Graduates awards 2015 – 2016. The ceremony was a celebration of the best the university has to offer in terms of master graduation.

Anka Mulder emphasized on behalf on the jury on the qualities a Best Graduate entails and that Olaf meets all these in an exceptional way. Olaf is therefore justly Best of TU Delft! He receives a personal prize of €1.000 and the statuette on ‘the road towards a bright future’, as well as a brand new DELL laptop!

A revolution with dimples

The thesis work of Olaf was dedicated to the experimental investigation of turbulent drag reduction by the application of dimpled surfaces.  This has large technological and societal relevance. Olaf’s work required a smart experimental test campaign initiated and implemented by Olaf himself. He also developed and applied so-called particle image surface flow visualization, a new measurement technique not previously used at TU Delft. For his research technique Olaf and the research group even filed for a patent, that is still pending! His thesis work was marked with a 9.5.  Olaf combined his study at TUD with a second master (Chinese Economics) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, yet still managed to graduate cum laude.

The Best Graduates

All eight Best Graduates nominees received the Delft University Fund medal and a prize of €1.000 provided by Delft University Fund. The medal is awarded to the graduates in recognition of their dedication to the study process by which they strive to get to the root of the matter. All Best Graduates were praised for their exceptional capabilities and inspirational role to their fellow students. We proudly congratulate all Best Graduates:

  • Olaf van Campenhout – Best of TU Delft 2016 – Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
  • Andrea Migotto – Faculty of Architecture
  • Joeri Brackenhoff – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
  • Simone Silvestri – Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
  • Tamara Kloek – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Renee Molman – Faculty of Industrial Design
  • Bas Keijser – Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
  •  Eduardo Olimpio – Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Ceremony

The ceremony was filled with the Best of TU Delft; Not only with the Best Graduates but also a diverse programme, including a performance of Poetic Engineering and Keynote Speaker Prof.Dr. Jan van Neerven on the Matter of Mathematics. The Poetic Engineers even wrote a special sonnet in honour of our Best Graduates! Read it here!

Delft University Fund looks back on an exciting day showing the best of new engineers and young ambassadors of the TU Delft! We congratulate Olaf and all Best Graduates nominees! Photo’s of the ceremony can be found on our Facebook page!